Make a Claim

The Claims Team at Clear Risk Solutions has been handling a full range of claims and litigation issues since 1985. This experience stems from the variety of clients that Clear Risk Solutions serves. The Claims Team represents over 100 years of insurance claims experience and is well-versed in both property and liability coverage.

The Claims Process

The claims process is designed to be user-friendly and allows members to have a voice in how their claims are handled. The Claims Team involves entities in the decision-making process whenever possible.

When entities become aware of a claim or lawsuit, they simply contact their broker or Clear Risk Solutions. 

The Claims Team will promptly begin an investigation to formulate a determination of liability.

Upon completion of the investigation and the liability determination, the entity will be contacted and a plan of action will be developed with their input.

Throughout the claims process, we provide our members with regular progress updates. 

Download the claim kit